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Ignite The Hearts Box Of Love Movement

Ignite the hearts box of love movement

This year ignite the hearts has a great box of love event for you, your friends, and the family

Best part! It only takes 5 steps.

Step 1: collect a recycled medium sized box or purchase a medium sized box at your local store.

Step 2: gather your friends and family for a fun time of arts and crafts. Make sure to paint on your box ignite the hearts or #ignitethehearts

Step 3: purchase a thanksgiving dinner or the items listed on our website and feed.

You can find the list on

Step 4: place the meal in the box and take a picture using #ignitethehearts

Step 5: give your box to a family in need. If you don’t know of a family you can give your box to a local transitional housing shelter or a local church. 

This thanksgiving let’s ignite some hearts and inspire others to pay it forward.  

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