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IGH Project Thanksgiving

IGH Project Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a day for family, being thankful, and celebrating our nation’s history. Doing these things can be so much more difficult for those facing food insecurity, hunger or homelessness. 1 in 7 adults face food insecurity in America everyday, and a holiday that is renowned for large meals is particularly difficult to endure. Those in need are closer than many of us realize, and every individual can have a profound impact on families near them this Thanksgiving. That is why Ignite the Hearts is hosting Project Thanksgiving for the second consecutive year. The project will provide boxes filled with food and cooking supplies to families facing food insecurity or homelessness in transition shelters and through personal connections like churches. By sharing the donation link and/or making a donation yourself can be the difference between a family being able to celebrate or not this year.

The article below provides a list of five ways that you can make a difference on Thanksgiving, including but not limited to donating online or giving to a food bank. Remember that everyday, not just holidays, millions of Americans are not sure where or if they will get their next meal or if they can feed their families. Nobody should have to worry about these fundamental needs, and IGH among other organizations will continue to work to alleviate these struggles.

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