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Love Anyway: A film to heal what’s tearing us apart.

This is a great film which talks about how we are connected more than ever due to social media, awareness discussions, and more. However even through all those connections we are more divided than ever before.

It teaches us how to love those who may seem difficult to love. It will educate you in how we can offer help in the simplest ways.

Love Anyway is the story of one family that moved to a war zone and learned how we can heal what’s tearing us apart.

Narrated by Kristen Bell

Original score by The Brilliance Directed by Broomstick Engine Sound design by Jason Begin Animated by Chad Clendinen Edited by Jamie Pent //

Select footage courtesy of NBC News ( Select footage courtesy of OX Creative ( “See the Love” and “Does Your Heart Break?” courtesy of The Brilliance (

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