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Couple Throws Party For Homeless Kids

Couple Throws Party For Homeless Kids

Mary Davis and her husband throw parties for That is because Mary and Ari throw parties for homeless children in the family shelter in Los Angeles. No they aren’t party planners, but the can sure throw a bash! All of their parties include decorations, DJs, dancing, live animals, face painting, clowns and more. Some of these children have never had a birthday party before.

Unfortunately the idea for these events came after Mary and her husband Ari Kadin suffered a personal tragedy — the loss of their baby to miscarriage. The two were always passionate about serving the homeless community and thought they could process their grief by giving back to kids living in Skid Row.
“Skid Row is not a place for a child,” Mary said. “There’s garbage everywhere, there’s defecation, it’s basically a horror,” Ari said.

Mary, Ari and the rest of the Worthy of Love volunteers throw their birthday parties on the roof of the building. The events started small in 2014, with just 15 children and party favors Mary and Ari bought from the dollar store. The two continued the parties every month, and slowly Worthy of Love grew into the large-scale organization it is now. Today, Worthy of Love spends about $6,000 on each party, relying heavily on volunteers and donations.

“No matter who you are, you’re still a part of this community and you need to assist in the growth of this community, that’s what we’re trying to instill in our daughter,” Ari said.

Source: WCNC

Featured Image Source: Mykle Parker Photography/ Worthy of Love

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